Who Is LightArtFoto

We are a team of three skilled photographers based in COIMBATORE creating professional quality photographs in the field of ARCHITECTURE,PRODUCT & WEDDINGPhotography.

What We're Doing

Wedding Photography

We act as the memory of one's brain capturing the dececive & beautiful moments in a wedding which can be preserved and always enjoyed in the future. We are always praised for our documentary and journalistic style of shooting the weddings.

Product Photography

We shoot products which can be used for advertisements through any medium; and we also shoot catalog style photos for E-Commerce sites.We have shot textiles of different types and engineering products.


We have shot for the leading construction companies all over the state meeting their requirements.We shoot interiors and exteriors meeting with the professional quality standards which will be suitable for both print media and for electronic displays.

📷 Sudharshan


📷 Ajith Kumar


📷 Buvanesh